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At the heart of the tenets of the Circle of the Crone is the belief that creation is power, that the act of creation itself is sacred. As a result, all Acolytes strive to create. For the Artists, works of art are their top priority and their participation in the Danse Macabre comes primarily through the pieces they create. Coteries of Artists attempt to get their works in front of audiences at all levels of Kindred society, from figures in local art communities to the Prince's inner circle. For the Artists, being seen is the sole purpose for forming such a coterie.

It goes without saying that not all art is beautiful. Acolyte Artists in one city might cultivate rare and unique orchids that they gift to high-ranking members of the city every year, while Artists in another city might create bondage videos or sntuff films. Sometimes the act of creating the art is the purpose of the Artist. Other times it's all about the reaction they can get.

Every Artist, and by extension, every coterie of Artists has different motives and goals. These can include attracting converts to the Circle, gaining attention or standing within their city, or even influencing the direction of vampire society as a whole. Coteries of Artists might become a city's Harpies in a stroke of good luck, or they might be branded as dangerous by a local Bishop and forbidden to continue their art. And should they succeed in their artistic endeavors, there's always the chance that it will be hijacked for political gain by elements such as the Carthian movement or a an Archbishop with an axe to grind. The Artists want their works to go into the night and change vampire society, but generally speaking it works exactly opposite, with the art dragging the Artists into the night and changeing them as a result.

Known Artists

  • Nanshe - Valued Acolyte Daeva. Follower of Nanshe and Emerging Seer, Undisclosed location (Played by Erica J. Martinez)
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